12: Not the Cult Show

We learned about mousetraps and caffeine and making boring stuff playful, and we also got a TON of feedback from all of you about our last show, which we talk about exclusively for our topic this week.

Set To Learn
Set To Learn
12: Not the Cult Show

Yet again, this sickness is still plaguing the house, but this time, Derek’s the one! Oh well, they’ll get past this eventually.

They actually don’t dawdle this week before hitting what they’ve learned:


  • Recounts a conversation on race with Rainee.
  • Catch a mouse as soon as you see it.
  • In this stage of parenting and marriage, naps are the currency of their love.
  • Play games with your kids as much as possible.


  • Caffeine is not a replacement for sleep.
  • Normal mousetraps are silly and ineffective.
  • He’s starting to play with Raspberry Pis and stuff at work.

After the pleasantries are out of the way, they hit up listener feedback for literally the rest of the episode. Apparently they got a lot of feedback from last week, can’t imagine why. If you’re curious about the cult topic they’re talking about, check out last week’s episode. If you’re here at this episode just for this topic, you can just skip to 18:08.

However, just as a warning, Derek rambles here about making an interesting name for their listeners when they give feedback. If you have any better ideas (can’t be too hard, come on), you can make them feel like you care by DMing them on Instagram or by leaving them a voice message at!

They start off with the positive stuff, by people unrelated to Derek and Tanya’s specific situation. Some good stuff! 9Marks is recommended as a resource on church discipline, as well as Jonathan Leeman’s book called Church Discipline.

They also talk about how last week’s show actually circulated through Tanya’s old church pretty quickly, as well as through the group of people who have left that church over the years. They talk about some of the feedback from some of those people, which was pretty cool.

Then they hit the negative feedback. This is from people who are still within that church. There were three responses, they talk “briefly” about the gist of all of them, as well as a specific question: How does last week’s episode serve to glorify God and build his church?

There’s also a lot of feelings talked about after this. Was there anything they wished they did differently last week, what have they learned, how has the response to last week’s episode impacted them, etc. It was recorded for posterity or whatever.

Also something about hyper-Calvinism and that they were probably wrong about that part.

Woof. Hopefully they do something lighthearted and fluffy next week.

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