27: A Ton of CBD Gummies

Derek has obviously been watching too much Mandalorian, Tanya hypes people up for bedspreads, and hey, Christmas time!

Set To Learn
Set To Learn
27: A Ton of CBD Gummies

After we talk about Christmas, Derek talks a bit about why he hasn’t been wearing his Apple Watch, before going right into what we’ve learned:

  • Derek:
    • ADHD
    • Being spontaneous with dates
    • Want to learn about avoiding spammy texts
    • Discovered that 3rd parties to 3rd parties to healthcare exist
  • Tanya:
    • Essential oils and other wellness stuff
    • The line between people-pleasing and appropriate caution with kid noise in church
  • Rainee:
    • Became a Christian
    • Taylor Swift is real

Thanks again for listening to the show! Here’s to a great new year!